Lori Beth offers different types of visits depending on your individual needs.


Prenatal Lactation Visit

Prenatal visits are especially recommended for expectant mothers who are anxious about breastfeeding or have specific concerns such as reduction or other breast surgeries as well as illnesses or medications that could affect the breastfeeding relationship.  We will discuss the concerns you may have, teach latch-on techniques, and offer suggestions on how to get off to a good start in the early weeks.


Initial Baby Visit

It is recommended to have your initial baby visit within the first day or two of birth. Most initial consultations are 2-3 hours long and we will review your medical history, observe you nursing your baby to check the baby’s latch, and discuss what you can expect during your first few weeks. We will work around your baby’s sleeping and feeding patterns. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and discuss your concerns. Your partner or another support person is welcome to attend. Please call in advance if you can’t keep your appointment.


Ongoing Baby Visits

Sometimes a mom may need more than one visit and new problems can develop at a later time in the breastfeeding relationship. Concerns about pumping, milk supply issues, breast or nipple discomfort, introduction of solids (optimal nutrition from 6-12 months), fussy/colic baby, reflux, weaning and other issues may require follow-up visits.


Return to Work Visit

Workplace pumping recommendations are personalized with your job and work situation in mind. Together we will work pumping skills in order to protect your supply, how to freeze and rotate milk, and discuss which bottles will work best for your baby to transition back and forth from breast to bottle. This visit is best when the baby is nursing well and gaining well after the 3rd week, but before the 6th week.

Please call Lori Beth today at to schedule your visit.