I was referred to Lori Beth by a fellow chiropractor- she helped deliver her two children at home several years ago. After my first traumatic emergency c-section, I knew that if I couldn’t control the way my baby was born, I wanted ALL the help I could get to try for a VBAC.

From the first time we met Lori was awesome- I hadn’t realized until we started talking just how hard my first birth experience had been, and what kind of scary thoughts I was already having about my second. I loved that Lori included my husband in the conversation, and always made sure his questions were answered.

After answering a million texts from me, in desperation for my 11-day-late daughter to just COME OUT already/ we finally wound up being induced. I had been worried that would be the case, and Lori helped me take it totally in stride- 30 hours of labor with no pain meds was largely due to her encouragement that I COULD do this. After those 30 hours, I made the call to have a c-section because my mom brain told me something was wrong. One heck of a c-section later, my beautiful baby girl was here.

A major fear I had was struggling w nursing and my milk supply, like with my first- Lori had a pump in the Recovery room for me! I am so grateful for that, and now sit with 180 oz in my freezer! Woo hoo!!!

My baby girl is thriving, and I felt such closure from my first birth- Lori helped me work through my fears about labor and delivery, so that I could focus on my baby girl, rather than the route she took to get here. I can’t say enough about the support Lori provided me and would recommend her over and over-wish I’d had her help the first time around!!

Katy Karvola